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Note from Editor At the moment, this page includes mostly George's links, as he left them in late 2007. I have begun resorting them, based on what I find useful. If you have a link about collecting light bulbs or Christmas memorabilia that you think would be helpful here, please let us know. In the meantime, I hope these preserved pages and the links below help you prepare for a very family-friendly and rewarding Christmas season - Paul


Related Resources A fascinating website administered by Tim Tromp, this site presents a marvelously detailed history of the light bulb. Illustrated with many photographs, the site is a wealth of information for the collector or historian. There's a section on Christmas lights, too, as well as forums where many questions about antique light bulbs (including Christmas light bulbs) get asked and answered.

Click to go to the Yulelights Collection site.The Yulelights Collection: Collector Joseph Pilliteri has created a web site devoted to the post World War II era of Christmas lighting. His site showcases many of the lighting sets offered during the 1950s and beyond, including tips for identifying mini-light bulbs and repairing mini-light strands. Updated for 2011 with new content and format.

Click to go John Campbell's page of new Bubble Light and Matchless Star products.Campbell Invent LLC" John Campbell has spent years designing Bubble Light and Matchless Star products that rival the originals in beauty and stand in for several rare favorites that are now for all purposes unobtainable. Click on the graphic to see his page.

The Collector's Weekly Web Site This marvelous web site is a wonderful free resource for collectors of just about everything. It is a gateway to web sites similar to this one, posted by collectors passionate about sharing their knowledge with the world. A very well done site, loaded with information and help for the collector of all things antique! Click here to jump directly to this site's page for Antique and Vintage Christmas Lights.

Jeff Carter's Christmas Lighting Guide Collection Jeff has been scanning and posting materials that GE and othe rmanufacturers used to provide, sometimes inside the light sets, to give customers Christmas decorating ideas that would cause them to buy more lights.

Click to to to the Family Christmas Online (tm) home page.Family Christmas Online(tm)

Family Christmas Online: is our "sponsor" site, the folks that brought the files back to "light," when they were about to be lost. Christmas stories and traditions, craft resources, decorating ideas, and much, much more.

Cardboard Christmas(tm)

Click to learn more about Cardboard Christmas houses.Cardboard Christmas is a new web site that provides an extensive index to web sites about "putz" houses, those often-glittered little treasures that graced so many North American homes between 1928 and 1968. A forum for putz house collectors, restorers, and builders is also provide.

Click to go to our

Learn about Christmas trains of the past and present, with dozens of links to great resources and project ideas.

Click to see the History of the Christmas Figural Light BulbThe History of the Christmas Figural Light Bulb:  Christmas light researchers and hobbyists
 Bob Iwamasa and Patrick Fay have  teamed up and are now offering this new book. The
 book is a companion to Bob's earlier book, "Antique Christmas Figural Light  Bulbs."
 The work, the majority of which is previously unpublished information, will be invaluable
 to the collector, hobbyist and historian. Lavishly illustrated and exhaustively researched, it
 presents a complete and highly detailed history of the Christmas figural lighting industry from birth
 through the early 1960s. It may be ordered by visiting Bob's site.

Christmas Books by Bob Brenner: This isn't a web page about antique Christmas lights or decorations per se. It's a place you can find information about Bob Brenner's marvelous books on the history of Christmas.  His books are "must haves" for the serious Christmas collector or Christmas lights enthusiast.

Papa Ted's Place

Papa Ted's Place: While not truly Christmas light related, this is an extensive web site devoted to those wonderful little cardboard houses that our grandparents so proudly placed on or under the Christmas tree. Marvelously detailed and researched, the site is a true treasure.

Selected References used by Bill and George Nelsons in developing the content for their sites:

Note: The the books listed below were in print when the Nelsons started their research, but many are now out of print. Fortunately, most of them are still available through third-party Amazon resellers. In addition, once you click on a link, the Amazon page usually suggests related titles, so hopefully these links will get you to a helpful resources.

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Click to see more Christmas features, including stories, music, and craft resources.Gray, Nada. Holidays: Victorian Women Celebrate in Pennsylvania (Oral Traditions Projects Series) a. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1983.

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Christmas Figural Light Bulbs. Midland, Michigan. RTI Publishing Company, 2006.
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